What is Playground Festival? It is an actual gigantic playground created to suit all ages. A place where to experience ‘now’ emotions, learn new skills and relax.
Longboarding, SUP, wakeboarding, mountain bikes, slack line and many other hobbies are often listed in summer “To Do” list. But how many of them have you really tried? How to figure out which of these sports you will actually like? It’s not easy to start from scratch – expensive equipment, lack of experience, sports subcultures – so attractive yet so confusing. The question “Maybe next time?” usually indefinitely puts all plans on hold.

Playground – sports and lifestyle festival that encourages and enables every visitor to try and explore inspiring sports and culture on water, land and air. 3 days of new experiences, emotions, friends and hobbies. Don’t postpone your adventures – live in the moment and find your passion. One place to fulfill your summer dreams without expensive rental and training costs – Playground Festival. Why not?

See you SOON!