• The festival area is open from 13th of July 16:00 to 15th of July 20:00. For 1-day ticket holders the festival area is open from the exact day 08:00 till 08:00 next morning
• Saturday and Sunday activities start at 11:00
• For children up to 12 y.o. festival entrance is free, accompanied by an adult with a valid festival ticket
• Youngsters from 13 y.o. to 18 y.o. in Playground festival should be accompanied by a responsible adult with a valid festival ticket
• Festival visitors under the age of 18 years are forbidden to stay in the festival area from 22:00 to 08:00, unless accompanied by an adult with a valid festival ticket
• Taking off and giving festival bracelet to another person is prohibited. Ticket and bracelets forgers, as well as those engaged in counterfeiting ticket or bracelet will be held criminally liable.
• A valid ticket holders have the right to be located in the festival area, if they comply with the rules of the festival. Visitor agrees to abide by the festival rules, and agrees that during the festival, he/she can be photographed and filmed and his/her image can be used for commercial and promotional purposes without compensation and the application of copyright.


• It is explicitly forbidden to bring glass and alcohol to the Sports Complex 333 territory (incl. parking lot and camping ground)
• People with intolerance to specific foods are allowed to bring in small amounts of personal food, as well as new families are allowed to bring food intended for infant feeding on the territory of the festival
• It is forbidden to take dogs and other animals in the festival area
• Participants under the age of 18 years are prohibited to buy alcohol and cigarettes
• It is prohibited to bring in, use and store drugs
• It is prohibited to use pyrotechnics and explosives
• It is prohibited to bring in and use sharp objects
• It is prohibited to use open fire (including candles, grills, oil lamps, torches, etc.).
• It is prohibited to engage in unauthorized product / service marketing
• It is prohibited to indulge in behavior that may pose risks to other visitors’ safety and health
• It is prohibited to swim at night
• The festival venue visitors may be asked to show ID and documents for inspection. The organizer has the right not to admit to the festival territory or to expel the visitors, whose behavior is inappropriate or posing risks for the safety of other visitors.


• Prior to entering the festival area, a visitor in exchange for a valid ticket will receive a corresponding festival bracelet. All festival visitors, while at the festival area, must have a valid festival bracelet; bracelets can be checked by the guards. If the bracelet is invalid or damaged, visitors should leave the festival area. Festival bracelet is not allowed to be transferred to another person.
• In order to enter and stay in the territory of the festival, a valid bracelet should be seen on hand. Counterfeit and damaged (cut, assembled, spliced or broken) bracelets, which are wider than they should be are considered invalid and will be confiscated, in addition, such bracelets owner will be denied entrance to the festival area.


Purchasing Playground festival ticket you confirm that you have read and notice “Sports Complex 333” site rules and Playground festival rules  ,as well as you are informed that during the event you will be photographed and filmed and that this material may be used for commercial purposes. All audio material generated during and during the Playground Festival and taken with professional audio or video and photo equipment is the property of the Playground Festival and it is prohibited to use it for any purpose without the consent of the organizers of the Playground Festival. The festival visitors are obliged to comply with all the festival organizers instructions and orders related to the conduct of the festival and order, including those not mentioned in this rule, but have been made available during the festival. If the festival visitor fails to comply with the provisions of the festival or any other festival organizers instructions and orders, the organizer has the right to expel the visitor from the festival site.

Organizers are not responsible:

o    for injuries, that visitors might get during the festival. Activities can be dangerous!
o    personal property damage as well as lost or stolen property – we recommend to leave all valuables at home;
o    for food, beverages, etc. the goods or service quality – it is a full responsibility of the service provider;
o    for the unused tickets, they will not be compensated;
o    public authorities or institutions and their activities in the festival area during the festival time.

The organizers have the right to:

o    confiscate alcoholic beverages brought to Sports Complex 333 territory;
o    without prior notice, to change the festival program and the artists’ performance in a timely manner;
o    not to admit the festival area or be expelled from the territory of the visitors, whose behavior could interfere with the conduct of the festival and / or threaten the safety of other visitors;
o    refuse the sale of alcoholic beverages by persons who are under the influence of an alcoholic substance and may endanger themselves or other visitors to the festival.


• In Playground festival area vehicle parking is available for an extra charge: 5 € By paying this amount, your vehicle will be given a pass which allows you to re-leave / enter the festival area.
• parking lot is set up in a meadow, so drive carefully to avoid damaging your car!
• The organizers do not assume responsibility for vehicles left in the parking lot and all the belongings in them, so do not leave your belongings in a visible place, as well as please take all the valuable items with you!
• For safety reasons, it is prohibited to camp in the parking lot!
• The festival area is not intended for a special parking area for campers. Campers may park along with other vehicles.


• Every festival visitor with a valid ticket can accommodate in Playground festival area – in the camping area. To build tents outside the camping area is prohibited
• In the festival area every festival visitor will have access to dining area and bar (only for cash transactions)
• It is prohibited to burn bonfires and / or use grills
• It is strictly prohibited to pollute in the festival area! Small ducklings have their home here :)
• In the festival area you will be able to charge your phone as well – free wi-fi
• The festival organizers do not assume responsibility for the festival visitors’ personal belongings
• New moms and families with small children (age 0 – 7) will have a special zone in the festival area
• Swim only in specially allowed area where for your safety will take care a professional rescuers
• Some of the Playground Festival activities have an extra fee (Go-karts, FlyBoards, waverunners, sauna)

• FREE DRINKING WATER will be available on the Festival site. You can refill the water bottles at the festival site at any time as long as the area is open to visitors!

•    As for the very very small kids we have something special – Happy tent! A place where you can change diapers (provided by happy), eat in a quiet and comfy spot and take part in a fitness activity with Momyfit! A lecture in a combination with exercise with a topic – how to get back my dream body after giving birth! Saturday and Sunday from 11:00-12:00 @Happy tent next to wakepark area.

• DAYDREAMERS tents – Your exclusive festival home!
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Go to the festival with TAXIFY!
Tariff 13,50eur from the center of Riga. Think about it -> 13,50eur : 4 friends = 3,38eur for a trip to the festival! Say what?!

Playground Festival takes place in “Sports Complex 333” area near Ropažu district, only 20km away from Riga.
To the festival the most comfortable way is to go by car, but it is also easily accessible by public transport, bicycles and even longboards.
Public transport timetable here.