Motoparaplan freestyle show – guaranteed adrenaline even for the viewers! Last year’s air show was quite amazing, but this year 2 more acro pilots will join forces and we shall witness many crazy manoeuvres in the sky, smoke candles and much more – just the way we like it.

Schedule – all Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting



Have you ever wondered about how would Iron Man look like, if he really loved being in water? Do not miss the mind-blowing flyboard show! The flyboard pilot is one of the most experienced athletes in Europe, and his performances are equally appreciated by shows visitors and by billionaire pool parties guests around the world. Latvia has never seen a show like this! And – something special for those attending a night party – the pilot will be flying around in a LED suit, so buckle up for an unforgettable show!



Slack-liners – in the old days, you would normally see these guys in the circus, wearing spandex onesies and a ton of glitter. Nowadays, slack-line is a sports open to everytone, and quite often you can see enthusiasts practicing their balance skills in Riga parks. Some enthusiasts grow into athletes – these individuals will come to Playground to bravely compete on parallel slacklines while 10 meters in the air!

SATURDAY: 12:00 – 14:00


There are lost of things happening at Playground, that will leave you with the mouth open. But some of them seem to be defying the laws of Nature. When you see BMX flatriders, you have a feeling that gravity has nothing on them. But this year things are getting even more intense. Two world class riders will have a duel. Do you want to know the outcome? Come and see the show!

saturday: 22:45 – 23:00


Wakeboard is the ultimate summer sport, and if you still haven’t tried it – it is high time. Meanwhile, get some inspiration from watching the pros. This year 333 Wakepark will gather the best of the best from our home town and we’ll try to find out, which of them is the leader in wakeboarding. Best riders will show their mind-blowing tricks. It will be an awesome show, don’t miss it!

Saturday: 13:00 – 16:00


This is the show, that gathers riders from all over the world. The guys will show you all the new stuff they mastered in the past year. Tricks you have never seen before, crazy emotions and a chance to meet the riders and party with them! This will be an awesome show that will make your festival experience unforgettable.

SATURDAY: 17:00 – 18:00


We bet you have seen snowboarders, skaters and cyclists doing big air tricks. But have you seen jet ski high up in the air? Splashes, big airs, flips – get ready for an unforgettable show.